Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coming Soon: SPARC T7

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Coming Soon: SPARC T7


Operating Systems and Software Vendors continue to struggle with the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit architectures, but the SPARC family of processors continues to roll out 64 bit CPU chips for data flagship Solaris 64 bit Operating System. Watching companies announce new products ahead of time is tricky because of Government Regulation, but sometimes watching less overt routes can provide a great level of insight as to what is coming soon.

[SPARC and Solaris Public Roadmap, courtesy Oracle Corporation]

Roadmap: Foretelling the Future

Oracle has a history of releasing public road maps for SPARC and Solaris. They have been fairly accurate, since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems. The roadmaps are subject to change, but they give the Architect a good idea of what is coming and how to plan for it. As of August of 2015, Oracle's public roadmap indicates that a new SPARC is in Test, both an M-Series and a T-Series.In August, Network Management discussed details regarding the pending M7 release.

[System Controller and Console image, courtesy Oracle]

Firmware: What's in the Wild

SPARC T7 is operational!

A recent firmware release indicates the following bug numbers have been resolved:
19601081 Raise TMB size for ...T7 
20915261 T7-All Platforms: /HOST/console logging is not working... 
20949111 Snapshot should collect fmadm faulty -av output for T7 
21376029 STRAND_LOCAL_MMU_GROUP() broken for non-T7... targets 
The new SPARC T7, appears to be a reality. The Chassis and Processor clearly exists.


Firmware being released on SPARC Servers are a clear indication of what is here. The M7's are also scheduled for release. If you are building Network Management platforms, this is the time to start your planning for hardware acquisition, to get the most "bang for the buck".

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