Friday, February 13, 2009

Lights Out Managment on SUN Enterprise E2900

The SUN Enterprise E2900 has a feature called "Lights Out Managent (LOM)" via an embedded "System Controller (SC)".
The You can check your platform to see if the packages are installed and the features at least partially configured.

{system}/{user}$ pkginfo SUNWlomu SUNWlomm SUNWlomr
system SUNWlomm LOMlite manual pages
system SUNWlomr LOMlite driver (root)
system SUNWlomu LOMlite Utilities (usr)

{system}/{user}$ lom -a

1 FT0/FAN3 ft_fan3 OK speed self-regulating
2 FT0/FAN0 ft_fan0 OK speed self-regulating
3 FT0/FAN1 ft_fan1 OK speed self-regulating
4 FT0/FAN2 ft_fan2 OK speed self-regulating

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Advanced Lights Out Management on Sun-Fire 280R, V480, V490, V880, V890, and Sun Enterprise 250

This group of work group servers have a feature called "Advanced Lights Out Manager (ALOM)".

The ALOM feature on servers like the V490 is enabled through a "System Card (SC)" which even offers a windows GUI through the "Sun Remote System Control (RSC)"
The "Sun-Fire V490 Server Administration Guide" covers features with the System Card, basic setup, and basic usage
    (Pages: 22,33-35,54-55,72,73-78,83-84,99,101-102,122,125,141,159-161,168-169,172,175,181-182,190-197)

Specific case usage is covered in the "Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.2 User’s Guide"
The latest version of the software is 2.3.3, installation examples can be seen here.
You can check to see if a platform appears to have an ALOM card installed.
  • {system}/{user}$ prtfru -x | nawk '/Container name="rsc-board"/,/Container> /'
You can check to see if supplemental OS software is installed on this server.
  • {system}/{user}$ /usr/bin/pkginfo | grep SUNWrsc
By attaching to the ALOM on the SC through the RSC GUI, TCP/IP telnet/ssh, serial terminal server, or even dial-up modem - support staff has access to OpenBoot Firmware on the platform before the boot, can initiate alternate boots, enable debugging, completely power off & on the entire chassis, and even disable failed components (like memory chips) on some models remotely.