Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tab Update: OpenSXCE May 2014 Distribution


Sun Microsystems created OpenSolaris on May 8 in 2008 as an Open Sourced version of it's enterprise and managed services grade Solaris operating system. In 2010, Sun was acquired by Oracle, OpenSolaris project was closed, Community based OpenIndiana was born, and the Oracle Solaris Express binary release program was officially re-instantiated. Independent maintainer Martin Bochnig produced his own Intel and SPARC release of MartUX in 2006, produced the first (and last) SPARC release of OpenIndiana in 2012, and later forked (and maintaining) his own SVR4 package based SPARC and Intel distributions called OpenSXCE. The most current OpenSXCE release is now 2015.05... perhaps the first OpenSolaris based SPARC distribution which offers USB boot support!

[OpenSXCE  by Martin Bochnig]



OpenSXCE 2014.05 is an enterprise-class OpenSolaris based server and desktop oriented distribution. Options include: Live-DVD, Live-USB, Virtual Box, LDOM - with local or remote SVR4 package network repository options. Both SPARC and Intel continue to be made available. This may be the FIRST USB Bootable OpenSolaris based release in history! Many congratulations to for maintaining platform-independent OpenSolaris releases, originally promised by the Illumos community.

2014.05 Release

[http] Main Web Site with Downloads
[txt] 2015.04 Release Notes
[http] 2014.05 x86/x64 Live DVD
[http] 2014.05 x86/x64 Live USB
[http] 2015.05 x86/x64 Virtual Box
[http] 2015.05 x86/x64 SVR4 Repository
[http] 2014.05 SPARC Live DVD
[http] 2014.05 SPARC Live USB
[http] 2015.05 SPARC LDOM
[http] 2015.05 SPARC SVR4 Repository[email] Maintainer - Martin Bochnig