Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Oracle SPARC Solaris Virtual Seminar April 2020

Oracle SPARC Solaris Virtual Seminar April 2020


Systems Vendors normally produce overviews for infrastructure on a yearly basis. Oracle is no different. A virtual seminar has been made available for Solaris 11.4 on SPARC Systems.


This blog article is not to detail the virtual seminar, but highlights why one may wish to view the seminar. The seminar is a little over 2 hours, covering several major points: Solaris 11.4, Solaris Dashboard. Solaris Compliance

Who was involved?

Joost Pronk

Senior Principal Product Strategy Manager - Oracle

Joost Pronk currently is the CTO for Oracle Solaris Product Management at Oracle, where he leads the team of product managers responsible for all the different Oracle Solaris areas. In the past he was the Virtualization Strategist where he worked on unifying and communicating Sun Microsystem's end to end virtualization strategy and offerings across desktops, servers, storage, networking. Previous to this role, Joost has been in Solaris product team for more than a decade driving product management for virtualization in the Solaris operating system. Joost is a frequent speaker at industry conferences for operating systems, virtualization, security, and systems management.

Martin Müller

Senior Principal Software Engineer - Oracle

Martin Mueller works as a Senior Principal Software Engineer in Oracle's Infrastructure Technology department. He is part of the product management group and specializes in performance questions and the Oralce Solaris operating system. Previously he focused on performance related aspects of SPARC CPUs in Oracle's Microelectronics group, mainly studying real customer workloads on current and future Oracle CPUs. He joined Oracle with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle where he held various technical presales roles. He holds a master degree in Physics.

Renato Ribeiro

Sr. Director, Systems Product Management at Oracle Corporation - Oracle

 Renato Ribeiro is Sr. Director, Systems Product Management at Oracle Corporation. He is responsible for product definition, release and business strategy for servers and Oracle Solaris. In over a decade working at Oracle and Sun Microsystems, he has gained extensive expertise in applying computing technologies to databases and applications in enterprise environments, especially in mission critical, large scale deployments. He has led teams and projects in virtualization, cloud systems, server performance analysis, high-performance computing, and integrated systems. He holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University.


Solaris Serviceability - Martin Mueller

A tremendous amount of effort had gone into adding Observability, Virtualization, Security, and Data Management enhancements into Solaris 11.4

Solaris Observability - Martin Mueller


Service runs all the time:
cli access:
# sstore


http access:
Manual Pages:
# man sstore
# man sstoreadm
Package to add Documentation:


Remote Administration Daemon
RAD Remote
http access:

Solaris Compliance


The package is available in 11.3 SRU 35 and later
# pkg install compliance update-check


Verify ehc-update check is available:
# compliance list
Run ehc-update check:
# compliance assess -b ehc-update
Verify Assessment is generated:
# compliance list
Create Report:
# compliance report

Multi-Node Configuration:
# compliance roster 
Central Collector Report Summary:
# compliance report -f summary
Customize Profiles:
# compliance tailor -t

Oracle's SPARC System Portfolio and Plans - Renato Ribiero

Optimized for: Database, Java, Security, Availability


Performance is universally higher for encrypted frameworks

Security in Silicon

Fastest & most efficient in the market.
M8 is the only CPU to perform SHA-3 acceleration on-chip
Silicon Secured Memory
Colors memory so there is no ability to break into memory of other colors

Fully Encrypted Datacenter:
Data at Rest, Data at Motion, Data verified in Checksum

SQL in Silicon

Available in 12c and newer
Oracle DB In-Memory option in the Oracle RDBMS in both Rows & Columns

SPARC Roadmap

Enhanced Fujitsu M12 to arrive in 2021 with additions planned for beyond.

Solaris Roadmap

Solaris 11 continues to be projected to be supported Oracle into at least 2034 and beyond.


SPARC and Solaris continue to be updated by hardware partner Fujitsu and software partner Oracle. While Oracle did not explicitly say so, it appears that Oracle is now going to be more of a software vendor as Fujitsu will start wearing the "big boy pants" with hardware, in the future. The market looks forwards to decades of patching and advancements!