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OpenSXCE 2014.05 is an enterprise-class OpenSolaris-based server ad desktop oriented distribution. Options include: Live-DVD, Live-USB, Virtual Box, LDOM - with local or remote SVR4 package network repository options. Both SPARC and Intel continue to be made available. Many congratulations to for successfully producing platform-independent Solaris releases, originally promised by the Illumos community!

2014.05 Release

[http] Main Web Site with Downloads
[txt] 2015.04 Release Notes
[http] 2014.05 x86/x64 Live DVD
[http] 2014.05 x86/x64 Live USB
[http] 2015.05 x86/x64 Virtual Box
[http] 2015.05 x86/x64 SVR4 Repository
[http] 2014.05 SPARC Live DVD
[http] 2014.05 SPARC Live USB
[http] 2014.05 SPARC LDOM
[http] 2014.05 SPARC SVR4

Repository[email] Maintainer - Martin Bochnig

[http] OpenSXCE Community Forum
Community Forum Maintainer - seth Nimbosa


OpenSXCE 2013.05 is an enterprise-class OpenSolaris-based server and desktop-oriented Install and Live DVD distribution. OpenSXCE runs primarily on Intel CPU-compatible and Sun UltraSPARC sun4u/sun4v-compatible 32-bit and 64-bit computers. Both GNOME and IceWM are provided with major applications like Firefox 21.0, Thunderbird 17.0.6, GIMP 2.6.7, OpenOffice 3.4.1, Pidgin 2.6.5, Songbird, Ekiga, Oracle Solaris Studio 12.x professional C/C++ compiler, and selected GNOME-based desktop applications. Use Wine 1.4.1 for installing Windows-based applications like PhotoShop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Libreoffice, or even your favorite video game. OpenSXCE is indirectly based upon portions of Illumos.

2013.05 Release

[http] Main Web Site with Downloads
[http] 2013.01 Live SPARC DVD
[http] 2013.05 Live x86 DVD
[email] Maintainer - Martin Bochnig
[http] Twitter for latest comments (removed)
[http] Official OpenSXCE Blog (removed)


OpenSolaris grew from an Open Source repository to Open Solaris Distribution (for both Intel and SPARC.) Solaris Express Community Edition (Solaris SXCE) was the Intel/SPARC forerunner of Oracle Solaris 11, which abandoned UltraSPARC processors. OpenSXCE, based upon the work of MarTUX, brings OpenIndiana and Illumos back to SPARC as a full distribution, based upon standards such as SVR4 packaging.

2013.01 Release

[http] Main Distribution Web Site
[iso] OpenSXCE 2013.01 Live SPARC DVD ISO
[http] SVR4 Package Repository
[email] Maintainer - Martin Bochnig
[http] OpenSXCE and MartUX Information (OpenIndiana, deleted))

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