Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sun Developer Days for NY/NJ: 2010-Dec

Sun Developer Days for NY/NJ: 2010-Dec

Isaac Rozenfeld from Oracle/Sun posted an agenda and materials from a 2-day tour of New York City and Bridgewater tour of Solaris Days.

08:30 Registration & Breakfast
09:00 Welcome Back, AgendaIsaac Rozenfeld [Audio] Focus on Financial Services - Ambreesh Khanna [Audio]
09:10 Solaris Networking Virtualization – Nicolas Droux [Audio]
10:00 Solaris Zones Update – Dan Price [Audio]
10:45 Image Packaging System – Bart Smaalders [Audio]
11:30 Platform Updates: x86 and SPARC – Sherry Moore [Audio]
12:15 Lunch, Isaac Rozenfeld's bonus session on running Solaris on top of the VirtualBox hypervisor [Audio]
01:00 Solaris Integration into Oracle – Damien Farnham [Audio]
01:45 Leaping Forward with Solaris Infiniband – David Brean [Audio]
02:30 Installation Experience Modernization – David Miner [Audio]
03:15 Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center – Mike Barrett [Audio]
04:00 Service Management Facility Architecture and Deployment – Liane Praza [Audio]
04:45 Q&A/Raffle

Executive Overview
Some of the important take-aways from a Network Management perspective.

10:00AM Solaris Zones Update by Dan Price
  • Page 5 - Older Solaris 8 & Solaris 9 SPARC physical machine (p2v) can be vitualized, as well as Linux under Intel
  • Page 8 - Security and Patch OS Updates can be made by merely migrating a zone containing an application from the old server to another server which had the patch applied
  • Page 24 - p2v support virtualizing Solaris 8, Solaris 9 (now Solaris 10 from a Solaris 11 platform); v2v for moving a zone between physical machines
  • Page 26 - Some common application support matrix where inquiries are constantly made
  • Page 19 - New "zonestat" command for quickly seeing health of components across multiple zones simultaneously.
10:45AM - Image Packaging System by Bart Smaalders
  • Pages 1-44 - Overview of the Solaris 11 Image Packaging System
11:30 AM - Platform Updates: x86 and SPARC by Sherry Moore
  • Page 4 - New SPARC T3 Processor (16 cores) image and features
  • Page 5 - I am tickled that Oracle used a SPARC diagram drawn by me (unfortunately they stretched it)
  • Page 6 - Current generation systems: images and features
  • 1:45PM - Leaping forward with Solaris Infiniband
  • Page 16 - Infiniband usage in Solaris Virtualized Zones Diagram
  • Page 30 - Important OS commands for Infiniband Fabric
2:30PM - Installation Experience Modernizations by David Miner
  • Page 4 - Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 Comparisons (important: Jumpstart Replaced!)
  • Page 5 - New Boot Environments based upon ZFS with "unlimited snapshots", breaking mirror with only one rollback is a thing of the past with Solaris 11
  • Page 9 - New Automated Installer Diagram, to replace Jumpstart… following pages illustrate use cases!
4:00PM - Service Management Facility Architecture and Deployment
  • Page 4 - Best Practices for deploying applicatons across networks
  • Page 7 - Best Practices for deploying applications onto ZFS
  • Page 9 - Software Support and Admin teams no longer require root or sudo with Solaris SMF for stop/start/restart
  • Page 11 - Application layer firewalls bundled as a service
  • Page 16 - Solaris 11 Image Packaging Sytem no longer uses scripts, but bundles into SMF
  • Page 17 - Automatic Fault notifications through SMF via email & SNMP
  • Page 19 - Best Practices of modern virtualized Solaris Application Deployment