Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tab Update: OpenSXCE March 2013 Distribution

[OpenSXCE  by Martin Bochnig]
Added to Network Management - a new tab: OpenSXCE !


OpenSolaris grew from an Open Source repository to Open Solaris Distribution (for both Intel and SPARC.) Solaris Express Community Edition (Solaris SXCE) was the Intel/SPARC forerunner of Oracle Solaris 11, which abandoned UltraSPARC processors. OpenSXCE, based upon the work of MarTUX, brings OpenIndiana and Illumos back to SPARC as a full distribution, based upon standards such as SVR4 packaging.

[http] OpenSXCE and MartUX Information (Hosted By: OpenIndiana)
[http] Main Distribution Web Site (Warning: No-Frills)
[email] Maintainer - Martin Bochnig
[iso] OpenSXCE 2013.01 Live SPARC DVD ISO
[http] SVR4 Package Repository

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