Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't Yell in Your Data Center

Don't Yell In Your Data Center

Yes, loud noise in your data center causes vibration which can increase latency.

Only Analytics by Sun have been able to demonstrate this in real-time.

Network Management Connection

Network Management is all about Fault, Performance, and Configuration Management.

Why has no one else shipped performance management software for their storage units on the par that Sun has?

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  1. I saw this comment on another blog citing this video.

    I never can believe what happened today. We have two IBM NSeries (NetApp)storage area network systems in two buildings, which are connected and mirrored. They contain about 500 harddisks. Yesterday suddenly 30 disks of one system had errors and the system went down to avoid further errors. We didn't know the reason. Today the same issue happened to the second system. So our complete mission critical system was down. We found, that exactly at the time when the systems crash, there was a test of the automatic fire extinguishing system, which includes a test of a very loud signal-horn in the data centers (to warn people). The horn is tested yearly, but the SAN-systems are new.
    All other systems where running after the test as before. In the NSeries we use Seagate Cheetah HD's (fiber channel).

    Now we analyze this issue. But it really seems, that noise can cause serious issues in the datacenter, if the frequency and loudness is at the right level.
    We investigate this issue. I will inform, if we know more.

    Posted by Stefan Zapf on July 23, 2009 at 06:26 AM PDT #