Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Terminology Nightmare: Citrix XenApp

Terminology Nightmare: Citrix XenApp

If you have worked with Citrix software for the past decade, you would have noticed that there was a significant naming convention change.

Brian Madden's blog posted an excellent article describing Citrix client terminology.

The following is a summary of some terminology:

  • XenApp
    The new name for Citrix Metaframe multi-user version of Windows with remote sessions accessed via the Citrix ICA protocol

  • ICA Client
    This is the historical name for the client which leverages Citrix ICA protocol to access an application on a Citrix Metaframe server

  • XenApp Plug-In
    This is the new name of the Citrix ICA Client, which now access Citrix XenApp platform.

  • XenApp Receiver
    This seems to be a suite of packages facilitating central administration of remote Citrix XenApp Plug-Ins, including features such as centralized authentication.

There are some other clients, which I have not quite worked through the functionality, yet.

  • Citrix Online plug-in - Web

  • Citrix Online plug-in - Admin

A good reference for Citrix XenApp Documentation is available publicly over the web.

This has been a very odd learning experience.

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