Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Q&A: Ken Thompson, Creator Of Unix

In case you have not seen the article a trade journal - this is from Information Week:

Q&A: Ken Thompson, Creator Of Unix

Ken Thompson, creator of Unix speaks with Dr. Dobbs on a wide variety of topics.

Ken Thompson, creator of unix
Unix's ubiquity was a surprise, says Thompson

The Japan Prize, one of the highest honors awarded for outstanding contribution to science and technology, was awarded jointly this year to Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie for the creation of Unix.

The prize is normally given to the recipients at a lavish banquet in Tokyo attended by the emperor. However, due to the April earthquake and tsunami, the prizes this year were distributed at the honorees' place of work. Ken Thompson's ceremony was held at Google headquarters, where he currently works, and afterward he spoke with Dr. Dobb's editor in chief Andrew Binstock on a wide variety of topics. Their discussion ranged from the development of Unix, beginning in the late 1960s, to the collaboration with Ritchie, to Thompson's current project, the open source programming language Go, which is designed to get the most performance out of today's multicore and networked computers.

On Developing Unix


On The Go Language


On Collaborating With Dennis Ritchie


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