Friday, December 16, 2011

Oracle Ops Center 11g Release 1 Update 3

Oracle Ops Center 11g Release 1 Update 3

Datacenters have long struggled with the lifecycle management of servers on a massive scale. Sun Microsystems addressed this concern with their N1 product line, which was later re-branded xVM with additional consolidation of hypervisor. With the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, hypervisors were broken out and Ops Center has been placed under the umbrella of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Ops Center History:
Ops Center has a long history with features consolidated from many startups and industry players, now conslidated under Oracle.
2001-10-26 [html] Terraspring Startup
2002-09-19 [html] Pyrus acquisition announced
2002-11-02 [html] Sun acquired Pyrus for virtualization
2002-11-15 [html] Sun acquires Terraspring for heterogeneous system automation
2003-07-03 [html][html] Sun acquired CenterRun for application automation
2003-12-04 [html] Sun releases N1 Service Provisioning System
2005-05-03 [html] Sun augments N1 Provisioning System with N1 System Manager
2007-11-16 [html] First Internet Archive capture
2007-12-04 [html] Sun announces xVM Ops Center and open-sourcing to
2008-05-28 [html] Sun xVM Ops Center 1.1.1 GA
2009-01-27 [html] Sun xVM Ops Center 2.0 GA
2009-02-27 [html] Final Internet Archive OpenxVM capture
2010-01-22 [html] Oracle xVM Ops Center GA

Upcoming Release:
Oracle Enterprise Manager Op Center 11g Release 1 Update 3 is about to be released. The upgrade documentation is now available, packages are soon to follow.

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