Monday, September 24, 2012

Virtualizing the Data Center (SPARC)

Data Centers are often filled with racks of servers. Deployed servers are often poorly utilized or undersized for virtualized loads, in order to mitigate license costs. Legacy servers often run older operating systems, dedicated to older servers with high operating costs. Virtualization of the data center is made ever simpler when following Best Practices on SPARC hardware leveraging freely available software such as Oracle Enterprise Ops Center.

SPARC Cloud:
The Oracle "Systems Group" collaboratively authored the guide "Best Practices for Building a Virtualized SPARC Computing Environment". Included in the Best Practices guide are uses and guidelines for:
• SPARC T4 Systems
• SPARC T4 processor configurations
• Oracle VM for SPARC hypervisor
• Solaris 8, 9, 10, 11 configurations
• Oracle Ops Center 12c for GUI control
• Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for data reliability
• Oracle network switches for infrastructure visibility
Implementing the best practices facilitates a dynamic, virtualized infrastructure which supports:
• GUI-based provisioning on bare metal, VMs, and OS's
• License mitigation through resource capped VM's
• Automated HA failover with physical server failures
• Automatic/Scheduled load balancing across a cluster of VM hosts
• Cluster Analytics and Performance Management]
• Complete end-to-end Fault Management
• Patch management

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