Monday, April 1, 2013

SunFire 280R: 3737 Days of Uptime

[SunFire 280R, courtesy]

SunFire 280R: 3737 Days of Uptime
For anyone who cared & fed systems - 10 Years of Uptime is phenominal.

This platform was located in Hungary. I say was, since it was relocated.  This video was taken during the last hours of it's relocation, and thus ending 10 years of uptime. This platform was involved in processing outbound internet facing traffic. The last of it's production facing traffic load was removed a number of months earlier.  Mid-way through the video, a short interlude was shown with a Solaris 11 platform and a ZFS kernel dump - note, this was not the tribute platform. in question since ZFS was not around back when this 280R system was first powered up - this is a Solaris 9 platform. The music used in this tribute video was performed by Lana Del Rey - Born to Die.
A short post and discussion on slash-dot surrounding the shutdown and relocation of this system has been noted.

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