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Oracle: Next Generation of Engineered Systems

[Graphic courtesy Oracle Data Center Kickoff]

Oracle's Next Generation Engineered Systems


Larry Ellison: Executive Chairman of the Board and CTO introduces Oracle's 5th Generation of Oracle Engineered Systems. Provide the Highest Performance systems and Lowest Service Price at the core. Oracle effectively targets Cisco UCS, HP, EMC.

Summary of Major Announcements

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X5

Converged compute and srorage; Runs all datacenter applications. High Performance and Lowest Purchase Price... Combines compute servers, networking, and storage servers in the same box... highly available and fully redundant Compute Infrastructure: Scalable from 2-25 nodes; Linux, Solaris, and Windows; Network Infrastructure: High speed, low latency, fully configured fabric, integrates to existing Ethernet & Storage Networks Management Infrastructure: Redundant management servers; virtual assembly builder with templates included Half Price Oracle List to Cisco Discount; almost a third price

Oracle Storage Appliance X5

Twice as fast, half as much
  1. Extreme Flash Storage Server
  2. High Capacity Storage Server
12.8 TB PCIe Flash or 6.4 TB PCIe Flash with 48 TB SAS Disks

Oracle Database Appliance X5

2x Servers: 2x18 cores; 8x32 GB (256GB DIMM); 2x Infninband; 4x 10 Gbit Ethernet Storage: 4x 200 GB Flash for Redo Logs; 4x 400 GB Flash for ODA Accelerators; 16x 4TB Hard Drive (Data + Temp Tables + Archive Logs)

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Fully automated, point in time recovery, no data loss, thousands of databases Backup and log to another rack, another data center, or to Oracle Public Cloud

Big Data Appliance

Oracle Big Data SQL joins: Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle RDBMS

Exalogic Elastic Cloud X5-2

Private Cloud for Applications & Middleware Portability to Oracle Cloud Compute: 2x 18 cores, 256 GB RAM/node, 800 GB Flash/node Network: 40 Gbit InfiniBand internal; 10Gb or 1Gb Ethernet external Storage: 80 TB Disk; 256GB Storgage DRAM

Exadata Database Machine X5

Workloads: Warehousing, OLTP, Database as a Service, In-Memory Database Flash Disks replaced High-Performance Disks because Flash Capacity Increase and Price drop! Elastic Configurations: 2x DB and 3x Storage Servers... Full Rack... Multi-Rack Optimize for: In-Memory Max DRAM; OLTP Equal DB & Flash; Warehouse High Capacity Storage and Compute

Oracle SuperCluster

Two SPARC Options:
  1. SuperCluster T5-8
  2. SuperCluster M6-32
Same Storage Server and Software as Exadata X5

Data Center of the Future with Public Cloud

Options Include: - Logging Backups to the Cloud - Cloud as Backup Datacenter - Test and Development in Cloud with Production Local - Production in Cloud with Test and Development Local

The Deep Dive Sessions

The following Deep Dive sessions are for both newly announced hardware as well as for some existing software noted at the bottom of this section. Written summaries provided can assist in helping select which videos to watch.
Oracle SuperCluster

Oracle Largest, Most Advanced, and Most Secure Appliance

  • Exadata Storage Grid
  • Firmware based Hypervisor (vs re-purposed Linux OS as Hypervisor)
  • Cloud Tenant Self Service Portal
  • Rule Based Access Control Metering and Limiting by Account for customer's self service 
  • IO Domain Recipes (i.e. Small, Medium, Large selections) 
  • Templates on top of Recipe (Pre-configured Recipe with OS Patches and Application)
  • Extreme Tenant Isolation through Zone, Network Paths, and Disks
  • Automated Compliance Validation of isolation
Oracle Exadata X5-2

Exadata X5-2: Extreme Flash and Elastic Configurations

Oracle Exalogic X5

Oracle Exalogic X5-2 and Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 12c

Engineered system designed to run the mid-tier components
  • Oracle Applications 
  • Java Applications 
  • Fusion Middleware 
Exabus Technology, shared with Exadata, which reduced latency between servers. Platform as a Service (Software made available in a cloud) and Infrastructure as a Service deployed on the customer premise.
Virtual Compute Appliance

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance: Simplify IT and Save Money

  • Simplify Deployment
  • Reduce Cost
Pre-built system which is ready to use in a Data Center with a minimal number of steps
  • Compute Capability: 2 - 25 nodes
  • Software defined network with Dual Redundant InfiniBand
  • Ethernet and FibreChannel external connectivity
  • Active-Passive Management Server
  • ZFS Storage Appliance with Redundant Controllers
  1. Provisioning of VM's, Storage, and Network
  2. Policy Driven
  3. Metering and Chargeback
  4. RESTful Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) interface
Oracle Enterprise Manager drives IaaS
  • Fault Detection
  • Incident Management
  • Lifecycle Managment
  • Change Managment
  • Search & Compare of VM's
  • Apply Patches
  • Gold Templates
  • Compliance reporting
All software is bundled (Linux, Solaris, OEM 12c, Oracle VM, Orchestration, Oracle Virtual Networking, Oracle Trusted Partitioning)
Oracle Database Appliance

Oracle Database Appliance X5-2

Provides everything to deploy a high availability database & application
  • Wizards for simplified deployment
  • Patch Automation (Firmware, OS, Database, Storage, etc.)
  • Oracle High Availability Software Stack (Real Application Cluster or RAC)
  • Affordable with Capacity on Demand
  • Oracle Multitenant Option bundled License
  • In-Memory Database Option bundled License
  • OS and Virtualization Licenses
Refreshed hardware, higher consolidation density Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-In for Monitoring and Management with Analytics across Appliances Same software stack as Exadata for affordable Test and Development
Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System

Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System 

Summary of Features
  • 2 - 16 Highly Available Nodes
  • Petabytes of Flash
  • 2M 50/50 Read/Write IOPS
  • 80 GB/sec or 5 TB/minute Data Movement
Designed to leverage Flash, not existing Hard Disk solutions. Supports both Flash and Disk, Designed for Flash with Economies of Disk
Oracle Big Data Appliance X5-2

Big Data Appliance

Solves problems surrounding:
  • Performance
    Optimized Hardware
  • Time
    30% Quicker to Deploy
  • Cost
    21% Less Expensive to Purchase
  • Integration
    Data Transparently into the Infrastructure
Oracle Big Data SQL for simple insertion Oracle Enterprise Manager Compatibility
Oracle for Enterprise Big Data

The Move to Big Data

Oracle Linux

Oracle: A Complete, Independent Linux Vendor

Nothing significantly new, basic key points:
  • Oracle Linux Premier Support included with Oracle Hardware
  • Stand-Alone Oracle Linux Premier Support offered for other servers 
  • MyOracleSupport Integrated 
  • Oracle KSplice Bundled (on-line patches, immediately active)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager included for Patching and Management 
  • Oracle Clusterware Bundled 
  • Oracle Backport Lifetime Sustaining Support (no bug fixes, new hardware support) 
  • Oracle OpenStack bundled 
  • Red Hat Binary Compatibility
Delivery on DVD with pure Red Hat or Oracle Unbreakable Linux Kernel. OS Features
  • Oracle Unbreakable Kernel option for newer Oracle Engineered Systems.
  • DTrace Integration from Solaris for Oracle Linux
  • Isolation features: Linux Containers (LXC) similar to Solaris Zones; Docker (for Application)
  • Free to download, use, distribute, update; Pay for production system
  • Oracle VM Templates
Differentiation: DTrace and KSplice

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