Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Seymour Cray!

[Cray Super Computer rendering - Courtesy: The Register]

Happy Birthday Seymour Cray! 

Had you been around, this would be your 90th Birthday...
[Cray CS6400 - Courtesy CrayWiki]

Thank you for the Super Computer and massive CS6400 SPARC system, code named the SuperDragon while in development..
[Sun Microsystems E10K, courtesy Wikipedia]

The Business Systems Division of Cray Research was sold to Sun Microsystems and formed the core of the ground-breaking E10000 code named StarFire - a massively sized 64 SPARC Processor based Symmetric Multiprocessor Platform [SMP] system.

Systems like these were data-centers in a cabinet... data-centers in a single OS image... or a single chassis broken up into multiple OS images... depending on the required processing needs. These were not unlike what Oracle sells today, in their high-end systems, as Oracle continues Sun Microsystems, who continued Cray's vision for SMP SPARC Systems.

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