Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Oracle Solaris Resources

Oracle Solaris Resources


Sun affectionately celebrated their 30'th Anniversary just weeks ago. With a move toward integrating Solaris & Linux, some layoffs, a move to drive Solaris Next to CI model vs monolithic Solaris 12 release, and large layoffs at Oracle over this past weekend... one may wonder where to find good Sun Solaris Resources. Solaris 11.3 is current, with Solaris 11.4 due shortly - to contain Solaris 12 features. This post is to drive some information availability.

Oracle Solaris Resources

A list of Resources for Solaris Systems was made available from Oracle.

Highlighted Oracle Blogs

 Oracle Solaris Blog
 The Observatory Tips and Tricks
 Markus Flierl (VP of Oracle Solaris Engineering)
 Oracle Software Security Assurance
 Oracle Solaris Support Group
 Oracle Solaris and System ISVs
 Oracle Solaris Cluster Blog
 Oracle Technology Network System Admin Blog
 Oracle Hardware
 Oracle Solaris ISV Engineering Group Blog
 Official Oracle Technology Network System Admin

Bundled Software

 Free and Open Source (FOSS) Software Group
 Alan Coopersmith

Data Management

 Paul Johnson
 Cindy Swearingen


 Daryl Gove

Lifecycle Management

 Glynn Foster
 Tim Foster
 Bart Smaalders


 Krishna Yenduri

OpenStack Cloud

 OpenStack Group
 Dave Miner


 Oracle's Strategic Applications Engineering Group

Platform and Kernel

 Jonathan Adams
 Alan Burlison
 Alan Hargreaves
 James McPherson


 Dan Anderson
 Casper Dik
 Glenn Faden
 Darren Moffat


 Zones Group Blog
 Duncan Hardie

Solaris Advocates

 Harry Foxwell
 Franz Habenhauer
 Daisuke Homma
 Robert Milkowski
 Bob Netherton

 Jeff Taylor
 Charlie Veagh
 Jeff Victor
 Manuel Zach

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