Monday, October 28, 2019

Germany: Oracle Updates on SPARC & Solaris 11.4

Germany: Oracle Updates on SPARC & Solaris 11.4


Oracle CloudDay will be opening in varound countries around the world, from 2019q4 to 2020q1! November & December of 2019 will afford people in Germany to discuss the continued advances in Oracle's SPARC Solaris!

The Annunciation

Joerg Moellenkamp published an short announcement in German, which is translated to English:

Business breakfast in HAM, FRA, DUS, MUC and BER in November / December 2019 ...

Posted by Joerg Moellenkamp on Monday, October 28, 2019
This is an event in german language, the following text is in german:

After a long break we would like to continue the series of business breakfasts and invite you to join us.

This time it's all about SPARC news, Solaris 11.4, the operation of Solaris, and the technical issues of consolidation and cloud native computing on the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance:

    Our partner Marcel Hofstetter will present the tool "Jomasoft VDCF", with which the operation of Solaris can be made more efficient.

    Before that, Jörg Möllenkamp (Oracle) reported on the news that came with Solaris 11 SRU and the renewal of legacy systems.

    The event concludes with a presentation on consolidation and Cloud Native Computing on the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance by Jan Brosowski and Thomas Müller (also Oracle)

The agenda:
09:00 breakfast
09:30 Welcome and OOW News
09:45 News in Solaris 11 and experiences with the refresh of SPARC systems
11:00 break and continuation of breakfast
11:15 JomaSoft VDCF - Efficient Solaris operation (Marcel Hofstetter, Jomasoft)
12:15 PCA - consolidate the current world and think with the Cloud Native into the future
13:15 End of the event

The event takes place at 5 locations in Germany. If you would like to attend one of the events, please register by e-mail at the e-mail address stated on the date.

Hamburg 5.11.
Oracle office Hamburg
Kühnehöfe 5 (corner of Kohlentwiete, 22761 Hamburg
Registration with Hans-Peter Hinrichs

Frankfurt 27.11
Oracle office Frankfurt,
New Mainzer Straße 46-50 (Garden Tower), 60311 Frankfurt
Registration with Matthias Burkard

Dusseldorf 3.12.
Oracle office Dusseldorf
Rolandstraße 44, 40476 Dusseldorf
Registration with Michael Färber

Munich 11.12.
Oracle headquarters and Munich office
Riesstrasse 25, 80992 Munich
Registration with Elke Freymann

Berlin 12.12.
Oracle Customer Visit Center Berlin
Behrenstraße 42 (Humboldt Carré), 10117 Berlin
Registration with Hans-Peter Hinrichs

This event is certainly also interesting for colleagues from other departments. I would be very happy if you forward this invitation.

We look forward to your visit!

PS: We do not want to miss the opportunity to refer you to the Modern Cloud Days in Darmstadt. This Oracle event will take place on 11.12. It will provide clients with exciting cloud insights and Oracle will report on concepts, ideas and best practices in keynotes and sessions. For this event, you can sign up at The link is not for the businessbreakfast.
 The slides will be welcomed!

Concluding Thoughts

It is always good to get news on the SPARC Solaris front, for those workloads which do not run as well on other platforms.

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