Friday, March 26, 2010

Connecting SMARTBoard to a SunRay

Connecting SMARTBoard to a SunRay

Have you spoken to teachers who complain about getting their work done in the classroom when the school provided computer breaks down and there is no simple way for the teacher to fix it within the time allotted when attendance has to be taken in home room and submitted before 1st period? How about trying to do a lesson and having the smart board or computer break down?

A SunRay UltraThin Client is the way to go in these demanding environments where 100% uptime is really needed in these rigid time-demanding environments.

Watching it Work:

No need for a teacher to have to worry about anything, just plug it in and watch it work. If the SMARTBoard breaks, plug in a another one. If the SunRay breaks, just plug in another one. OK - this is really awesome... Thanks WerkPlek!

YouTube Video

"Video shows how we installed and configured a Sun Ray DTU with a SMARTboard in a classroom. A digital blackboard (this one is white :-) is very popular today at schools."

The Sun VDI is a flexible architecture with many possible options to plug in.

Sun VDI:


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