Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LogMatrix NerveCenter Installation for Solaris 10

Abstract: This documents a basic installation of NerveCenter from LogMatrix on a Solaris 10 server. Initially I tried to add the web-based administration as well but the documentation only gave instructions on using it with Apache 1.x. As I lack the proficiency to work with Apache 1.x, don't want to add security flaws associated with it, and wasn't sure what workarounds were required to get Apache 2 integration, I skipped that step (the 'w' option).

# groupadd ncadmins

# groupadd ncusers

# cd ../NC5104/BIN/


Continue? Yes

Agree to legal terms? Yes

Installation directory [/opt/OSInc]? [Press Enter]

Component Selection: a c d s

This is all of the options that aren't for integration with other network management packages or web-based administration.

use default path [/usr/dt/lib] for x libraries? [Press Enter]

update NIS settings? [Y]

directory for web browser to view documentation: /usr/bin/firefox

set NerveCenter as a daemon (will always restart with system)? [Y]es

configure Pam integration for authentication? [Y]es

(shell script finishes)

# cp CORP.dat /opt/OSInc/conf/

# ./opt/OSInc/bin/ncstart

# . /opt/OSInc/userfiles/ncenv.ksh

Add ". /opt/OSInc/userfiles/ncenv.ksh" to every account that will access NerveCenter or to /etc/profile if everyone will access

From an xwindows terminal session on an account that's been added to the user groups above

$ ncadmin &


$ client &

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