Sunday, September 18, 2011

Solaris 10: Update 10 - Released!

Solaris 10: Update 10 - Released

Solaris 10 Update 10 has been released, note the "What's New" document.

Performance Enhancements Include:
  • Faster ZFS performance
  • Faster boot, with option to skip POST
  • Faster upgrades: Live Upgrade on ZFS root partition, instead of mirrors
  • Faster installation: use Flash Archive on ZFS root using text mode
  • Faster reboot: option to skip some POST tests
  • Enhanced throughput leveraging smt_pause for busy-wait or idle loops
  • Enhanced throughput: 64 bit libmtmalloc, atomic operations replace locks
  • Faster memory: 64 bit libmtmalloc, matrix lookups replace linked list
  • Use libmtmalloc for applications with threads>=16
  • Use libumem for applications with threads <16
  • Disk I/O improvement for SSD's with poor read-modify-write firmware
  • Improved I/O performance under Nahalem-EX platforms
  • Improved floating point, audio, video processing with Intel AVX Support
  • Faster Oracle startup/shutdown with ISM and DISM improvements
  • Faster high-speed networking for x86 bnx driver Jumbo Frame support
  • Increased network performance through bge driver MSI support
  • Faster RAC 11g via Remote Direct Memory Access interfaces via RDSv3
ZFS Improvements Include:
  • Set file system properties in a sent/received snapshot stream
  • ZFS Diff: Determine differences between snapshots
  • ZFS Recovery: Import a pool missing an intent log file
  • ZFS Recovery: Import a damaged pool read-only
  • ZFS Synchronous Behavior: standard, always, disabled
  • Interval and Count for zpool: list and status
New Capabilities Include:
  • Greater than 2 terabyte memory support
  • Solaris Volume Manager clustered dataset import for recovery
  • User extensibility for up to 1024 group membership
  • SaMBa upgrade to 3.5.8
  • x86 BASH upgrade to 3.2
  • Apache C++ standard library upgrade to 4
Observability Enhancement Include:
  • ZFS Difference capability
  • Processor Group (pginfo) OS performance hardware view
  • Processor Group (pgstat) hardware and software utilization
  • Logical disk name to JBOD or blade chassis bays (diskinfo) view
Security Enhancements Include:
  • LDAP name service tol functionality without LDAP being configured
  • IVv6 NAT on IPFilter
  • Solaris Cryptographic and Key Management Framework support for OKM
  • Additional AES cyphers in kernel SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • New Passwords no longer unlock accounts
  • Password construction policy applies to root by default
  • SSH supports chroot capability
Device Support Enhancements Include:
  • Intel ixgbe driver support for: 82599, x540/x540T
  • Intel igb driver support for: 82576, 82580, i350
  • Intel e1000g 82579LM/LF LOM controllers: 1502,1506, 1519
  • Broadcom bge driver support: BCM5717, BCM5724
  • QLogic P3+ FCoE CNA Ethernet qlcnic and device support
  • Mellanox ConnectX-2 10GigE mcxnex/mcxe drivers for GLDv3
  • Intel Patsburg SCU support: ld60, ld61, ld64, ld65, ld68, ld69
  • LSI MegaRAID Falcon SAS 2.0 HBA device via imraid_sas
  • LSI SAS 2308 HBA storage device via mpt_sas
  • LSI SAS 2208 HBA device via mr_sas
  • Public Generic LAN Driver interface for bge

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