Monday, November 7, 2011

Solaris Community Changes: genunix

Solaris Community Changes: genunix

When Sun started the process of opening Solaris, they created OpenSolaris, a port of Solaris based upon an open source code base. With the purchase of Sun by Oracle, for all intensive purposes, it appeared that OpenSolaris was dead, but there is still activity in the individual ports as well as the GenUNIX Mercurial Repositories.

While there may not seem to be a lot of activity in the Solaris Community on, the Mercurial Repository shows a different pattern.

While the OS/Net repositories for OpenSolaris seem basically dead, for over a year, the pkg-gate and solaris userland consolidations are still incurring changes.

GenUNIX Mercurial Repositories:
The active respositories, as of October 2011 are as follows

Name Description Contact Last change
pkg-gate pkg(5) (aka IPS) repository Cyril Plisko 90 minutes ago
userland.hg Solaris Userland consolidation Cyril Plisko 2 weeks ago
g11n.hg Globalization (G11N) repository Cyril Plisko 3 weeks ago
sfwnv.hg Solaris Freeware repository Cyril Plisko 3 months ago

Of course, there are other places for active Solaris Open Communities to congregate (i.e. illumos), but at least people should be aware of where that there are a lot of changes still happening on, even if the home page looks rather stale.

The community is waiting to see what happens, once Solaris 11 is released.

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