Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Solaris Zones: Rapid Application Deployment

Solaris Zones: Rapid Application Development

Many development systems are based upon dedicated hardware infrastructure, which limits the number of simultaneous development releases. With Solaris Zones, multiple application releases can be developed at the same time on a platform, where the developed application is encapsulated, to be moved to test, and rapidly cloned into production.

Solaris Zones offer the following features:
  • isolation
  • rapid boot
  • built-in rollback
  • system mobility
  • cloning
A use-case by a telephone carrier is illustrated in the following Solaris Zone presentation.
[html] Solaris Zones Dev, Test, and Deployment Presenation

Additional Information
[html] Solaris Zones, Containers, Resource Management Guide
[html] Solaris Zones Developer Guide

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