Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Clustered File Systems: EMC and Lustre

[EMC VNX HPC Appliance Series, courtesy The Register]

EMC, Lustre, and Massive Storage
EMC announced a VNX appliance with built-in Lustre clustered filesystem storage solution. In an article published by The Register:
The VNX HPC appliance includes a VNX5100 for metadata storage, a VNX7500 for object storage, object and metadata servers, the Terascala LustreStack software and InfiniBand connectivity.
Terascala happens to be a storage start-up located in Massachusetts, just like EMC. EMC, by the way, started shipping Intel based blade servers, pushing Cisco out of their initial partnership. EMC looks

Where is Lustre on Oracle Solaris?
Sun Microsystems purchased Lustre in 2007. Lustre was to be merged onto ZFS. Systems with 256 and fewer nodes could use QFS while 512 nodes would use Lustre. Different updates to OpenSolaris were made to facilitate Lustre integration.

In 2008, Terascala was inquiring with scalability enhancements under ZFS. Oracle purchased Sun and announced support for Lustre 2.x only on Oracle hardware. In 2010, the move of Lustre to Linux distributions such as SUSE seemed inevitable, as Oracle abandoned their support model, and other companies like Clusterstor offered support.

When will Oracle release Lustre with ZFS under Solaris? When will Oracle release native Lustre support on the Oracle storage, as EMC has done?

Open Alternatives
Operating System forks OpenIndiana on source code forks like Illumos, could offer companies such as Terascala, EMC, SI, Xyratex, and such another option: native ZFS merged with Lustre on a base OS which supports all standard protocols: iSCSI, FiberChannel, NFS, CIFS, etc.

This would also solve some of EMC's problems, with needing to find another partner for another cloud project (after dumping Cisco) - they could own the entire cloud, from the hardware (their own blades), to the firmware (VMWare), to the OS (Illumos distribution), to a file system fork (ZFS), cluster fork (Lustre), and all the protocols that go along with Illumos.

When will Illumos release Lustre support?

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