Monday, July 23, 2012

MacOSX: Zevo ZFS Moved to GreenBytes

Ten's Complement, ZEVO, ZFS, and GreenBytes
Nearly 6 months ago, Network Management discussed the history of moving technological market leading file system ZFS to MacOSX by Ten's Complement. The product was named ZEVO. Storage vendor GreenBytes purchased ZEVO technology, suggesting it will continue to be developed.
The ZEVO ZFS technology for Mac, developed by former Apple engineer Don Brady at his company Ten's Complement, has been acquired by enterprise storage vendor GreenBytes. Brady announced the transition on Twitter and on the Ten's Complement site; he is joining the GreenBytes development team.
Network Management
It is appearing like there may be a new Storage Vendor, thinking about moving to ZFS, and possibly binding itself a little closer to Apple systems.

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