Monday, October 1, 2012

Virtualization: IaaS, DaaS, AaaS


The market is always talking about clouds, virtualization, and other buzwords. For significant enterprises, who depend on Oracle hardware, hypervisors, OS's, and Applications - this short set of resources may prove helpful.
IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service:

A very concise PDF showing basic virtualization best practices under SPARC.

A short PDF on Oracle VM virtualization for Red Hat Linux, Oracle Linux, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows on Intel.

DaaS and AaaS: Database & Applications as a Service:

Oracle VM management tools for SPARC & Intel roll up transparently into Oracle Enterprise Manager…

Oracle Enterprise Manager facilitates Best Practices in provisioning of Database RAC Clusters and Patching
Oracle Enterprise Manager allows for Application provisioning, where third-party packaged templates are available or one can create their own templates.

Integrated Cloud Monitoring: Hardware, Hypervisor, Clusters, OS, Database, Applications:

There are GUI Cluster, Host, and Application Monitoring templates for point-and-click provisioning.

Closing Thoughts:

Implementing the freely available management software from Oracle, nearly everything could be made seamlessly H-A and D-R without human intervention. With so much of our software being Oracle based, it is a no-brainer to use the cloud software we have a right-to-use when we are already paying maintenance on the products.

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