Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tribblix Pre-Release!

A new offspring of the OpenSolaris family is rising: Tribblix!

Announced as a live-dvd by Peter Tribble on the OpenIndiana discussion list, let's see how this new SVR4 packaged system moves along!

Note, the new tab on Network Management.

Tibblix is Peter Tribble's incarnation of an SVR4 based OS, leveraging Illumos at the core. This is an Intel only distribution at this point. Tribblix is a brand-new pre-release, downloaded as a live-dvd, and based upon OpenIndiana.

[html] Announcement: October 23, 2012
[html] Distribution Home Page
[html] Download Page
[html] Installation Guide
[html] Basic Usage Starting Pointers
[html] Peter Tribble Blog

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