Sunday, November 4, 2012

SPARC T5: Architect Rick Hetherington

[SPARC T5 image, courtesy Oracle Corporation]
SPARC T5: Architect Rick Hetherington

Rich Hetherington discusses in video and and deep-dive interview regarding the new SPARC T5 processor from Oracle.

Some of the question highlights:
  • Q: What were the design objectives of the SPARC T5 processor?
  • Q: So what’s new in the SPARC T5?
  • Q: This is mainly a performance increase story then?
  • Q: Does the SPARC T5 also support both single-threaded and multi-threaded applications?
  • Q: Was there anything in the design process that surprised you, or did things go the way you expected?
  • Q: And how do you know which workloads you want to model on?
  • Q: What do you mean when you say trace?
  • Q: What do you consider innovative in the SPARC T5?
  • Q: What kinds of applications will benefit the most from the SPARC T5?
  • Q: What about the security features in the T5?
  • Q: I’d like to know if there was any kind of optimization with Solaris 11.
  • Q: And the Solaris binary compatibility still applies?
  • Q. What's the most important thing you want customers to know about the SPARC T5 processor?

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