Friday, November 30, 2012

MartUX: Tab Updated!

For those of you waiting for consolidated information on the SVR4 SPARC OpenIndiana iniative - MartUX now has a Network Management Tab!

A copy of it is now found here:

MartUX is Martin Bochnig's SVR4 release of OpenIndiana on SPARC. MartUX was based upon OpenSolaris. Originally released only on sun4u architecture, it now also runs as a Live-DVD under sun4v.

[http] MartUX Announcement: September 27, 2012
[http] MartUX OpenIndiana 151 Alpha Live-DVD Wiki
[http] Martin Bochnig's Blog for MartUX, OpenIndiana SPARC port from OpenSolaris
[http] Martin Bochnig Twitter account
[http] MartUX site (down since storage crash)
[http] MartUX site snapshot from
[html] Network Management MartUX articles

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