Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Solaris 10: Update 11 Coming Soon!

Solaris 10: Update 11 Coming Soon!

As previously noted in Rick Hetherington's interview, there appears to be a Solaris 10 Update 11, near ready to be released.

While Oracle recently released Solaris 11.1, the rest of us are waiting for Solaris 10 refresh. The main driver appears to be the SPARC T5 support, since this release was mentioned during Rick's interview.

Importance to Network Management
Since most network management platforms run under SPARC Solaris 10 - this is an important update. It ensures that managed services providers targeting network management will be able to get the latest SPARC T5 hardware - to get their much desired platform performance boost. Being able to manage 2.5x the number of devices in a similar price-point means excellent opportunity to be more competitive in bids.

Oracle needs to provide incentives to Network Management ISV's (such as EMC SMARTS) to port their software to Solaris 11, for Solaris 11 to be considered a Tier 1 supported platform. Oracle's forever-support of Solaris 10 is only a stop-gap measure. The SPARC T5 and Solaris 10 Update 11 can not come too soon!

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  1. Now (Feb 2013) it might be coming soon indeed, cause Oracle distributed "place holder patch" 147442-01, which always coincidences with a new update release. Found in Readme of this patch:
    "7144719 create S10U11 feature KU placeholder patch", more evidence neccessary?