Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flash: Accelerating Performance

Flash: Accelerating Performance

Flash acceleration has been out for a very short period of time. Sun, the technology leader in this market, invested heavily in this market, providing hardware which speeds their operating system and unoptimized applications. Parent company Oracle also released application specific enhancements to increase database performance.

A Little History:

Sun had released a flash accelerator in September of 2009 surpassing 1 million IOPS with 1.6 million IOPS read and 1.2 million IOS write, as described by Oracle, BestPerf blogger, UNIXBot blogger, and StorageMojo blogger.

The Register seemed thrilled to mention LSI surpassing 1 million IOPS 6 months later and forgot to mention Oracle/Sun, the market leader.

The Register again mentioned NextIO, who surpassed Oracle/Sun's benchmark, by about 6%, using 25% more flash - becoming the new market leader. Can you guess which vendor was forgotten again, by The Register?

Impact to Network Management

The 1.7 million IOPS mark is a hair over 1.6 millions IOPS. It is really good to see the competition in the flash market - it helps everyone!

All of those heavy performance management platform, which require substantial data stores with embedded databases, can receive substantial performance benefits without incurring higher licensing costs or additional professional services for migration, by plugging in a flash accelerator.


Perhaps the writer at The Register will remember to include the market leader in the future, since Oracle/Sun is beating up on all the competition of the price/performance and performance metrics using their flash accelerator.

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