Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oracle, MySQL, Sun - Moving Ahead

Oracle, MySQL, Sun - Moving Ahead

One might browse a short article, looking past the sarcasm and skepticism, looking for information.

Oracle acquired and enhanced a database core engine for MySQL a number of years ago:
Oracle has been working on InnoDB since the acquisition five years ago
Perhaps, the most important parts of the article was:
Oracle's man had slightly more luck highlighting what he called "one of the most significant changes" in up-coming MySQL 5.5, which is in beta. The InnoDB storage engine bought by Oracle in 2005 will become MySQL's default storage engine. Also, InnoDB will be included for free with MySQL Enterprise Edition, which is charged under a support contract.
Significant work that Sun began is being released under Oracle:
Oracle announced the release of MySQL Cluster 7.1 as finished product, with improved administration, Java, and OpenJPA connectors to clusters, sub-second fail over and self healing. Even though this was work begun under Sun Microsystems, which Oracle finally acquired in January, Screven said it proved Oracle's commitment to improve the database is happening now, "not some abstract point in the future".
Impact on Network Management

Performance Management with Network Management is increasing dependent upon databases to hold large quantities of data in mid to large deployments. Databases like Oracle are great options for internal facing deployments. External facing deployments require lower cost licensing options in order to be sufficiently competitive. This is where MySQL fits well.

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