Monday, August 2, 2010

Illumos, Licensing, Software, Hardware Updates

Illumos, Licensing, Software, Hardware Updates

A New Distribution?

It appears there is a new distribution about to appear for followers of OpenSolaris: Illumos!

Don't miss the project opening!

Solaris Licensing Update

Third party provider terms have been getting re-written with companies such a HP and Dell. Yes, Dell & HP are reselling Solaris with other Oracle items such as Linux and VM. Your Oracle Premier Subscription license here for third-party x86/x64 hardware.

Hats-off to Joerg for his blog post to help sort out the confusion regarding pricing of Solaris under Oracle and non-Oracle hardware.

The short version: if you are running Solaris 10 under Oracle hardware, you get a perpetual license; if you are running Solaris 10 under non-Oracle hardware, you get subscription licensing.

Solaris & Hardware Updates

New hardware releases often accompany new software releases.

NetMgt has been blogging about hints into the next release of Solaris from Oracle in early July as well as next release of UltraSPARC T3 hardware from Oracle in late July - both pointing to September release.

Another hint was blogged by Joerg in early August when he ran into some M3000 XCP 1093 release notes - also pointing to an official September release.


September looks like a pretty exciting time for Network Managment Architects!

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