Friday, August 20, 2010

Linux: 5 Year Old Root Exploit Finally Patched

Security Focus:
It has been a over half decade, but a Linux kernel root exploit has finally been patched. Yes, Oracle Enterprise Linux, RedHat, and others have been running around with this issue for a long time.

For your Novell fans, the SUSE distribution has been OK since 2004, but it has not trickled down to the other distributions since the fix had not been incorporated into the official kernel until now.

Network Management:
In a world of network management where a central or even distributed systems monitor or manage millions of potential device across many thousands of networks, a root exploit in an operating system kernel dating back over a half decade is extremely high risk.

If it has to run and has to run securely - a generic Linux distribution may not fit the bill.

Look for Operating System vendors who have a strong record with understanding Data Centers and managing networks, not just OS vendors who can do it more cheaply.

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