Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Solaris 11: 2011 Confirmed

Solaris 11: 2011 Confirmed

The Concern:
There has been a lot of concern from the OpenSolaris community about the silence from Oracle. Various community members believed that Oracle was just tying up Solaris 11. A new community based upon internal & external developers started the creation of Illumos in response to the silence. Illumos was discussed in the Network Management blog.

The Confirmation:
Jeff Burt at eWeek attended a live web event at Oracle on Tuesday August 06, 2010 with Oracle Executive Vice President of Systems, John Fowler. Jeff reported that Solaris 11 will be coming in 2011.
Oracle will release the next version of the Solaris operating system in 2011, and will double the performance of its SPARC processors every other year.
Sean Michael Kerner from ServerWatch also attended the live event, reporting the silence in the OpenSolaris community was due to the diligent work going on with the pending Solaris 11 release.
"Solaris 11 will be a superset of what is in openSolaris"... "We've been a little quiet on the open source front," Fowler said. "It's not that we're not investing in Solaris, we're just investing to make sure that we have all the major components for the new release."

The Odd Announcement:
Jeff Burt also reported in his eWeek article that Oracle Enterprise Linux is destined for SPARC?
Oracle will continue to support Oracle VM, its virtualization technology that enables businesses to run Windows and Linux environments—including Oracle's own Oracle Enterprise Linux—on SPARC-based systems.
The meaning of this phrase seems uncertain - one might be wise to wait for the real presentation material and transcript to be made available from Oracle.

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