Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 April 03-09: Articles of Interest

ZFS, Flash, Database, and industry Articles of Interest

2010-09 - Oracle Database Cloning Solution Using Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance And Oracle Data Guard
This document describes how the Oracle Data Guard feature is deployed in conjunction with the snapshot and cloning features of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, enabling easy and efficient database cloning of a standby database. This document also includes Oracle-validated best practices and scripting to automate the database cloning operation.

2010-11 - Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification
The Storage Networking Industry Association’s (SNIA) Solid State Storage Technical Work Group (SSS TWG) has developed a very important document: The Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification (SSS PTS).

The SSS PTS sets forth a standard methodology and nomenclature for measuring the
performance of solid state storage devices. Participation in the SSS TWG came from a number of solid state storage (SSS) industry companies and stakeholders from all parts of the SSS industry, including the designers and manufacturers of SSS devices, computer systems, controller chips, test labs, and end users.

2011-04 - Oracle Database Cloning Solution Using Oracle Recovery Manager
and Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

This paper describes how to use the Oracle RMAN incrementally updated backup feature to back up a SAN-based ASM database into a Network File System (NFS) protocol-based database stored on the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance.

The snapshot and cloning features of the storage appliance are then used to duplicate or clone the Oracle RMAN backup. The cloning procedure explained in this document is performed at the production site.

2011-04-08 - Verizon iPad 2s suffer 3G blindness
Apple iPhone/iPad users had stressed the AT&T wireless backbone. Verizon is now next on the list of carriers to have their infrastructure stressed.

Last Saturday, a user with the handle of nixxon2000 began a thread on Apple's iPad discussion board saying that he or she was unable to get a 3G connection. Since that initial posting, 83 other users (and counting) have chimed in, prompting nearly 13,500 page views.

Another poster, Dambuilder, reported that after navigating up Verizon's support ladder, he or she was told that "the constant roaming indication is a bug that they presently have no solution for."

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