Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updating QLogic HBA Firmware/BIOS using the QFlasher CD

While installing a QLogic Host Bus Adapter(HBA) I needed a QFlasher CD to update the firmware. The associated knowledge base article:
CD-ROM DOS Boot Disk ISO Image for Updating the BIOS and Firmware QLogic Adapters
does not list necessary commands to complete the process through Caldera DR-DOS and the DOS prompt is not self-explanatory.

After booting the x86/64 server I used these commands to get to the update program:

After the system completely boots, the user is in drive A. The drivers are in P. To switch to drive P
A:\> P:

List of available commands
A:\> ?

To read a text file, the filename + extension is required
A:\> type readme.txt

Show files and sub-directories contained in current directory
P:\> dir

Change directory
P:\> cd ISCSI

To run a file, the extension isn't necessary
P:\ISCSI\40XX> iflash

Note: commands & filenames are not case sensitive.

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