Monday, April 25, 2011

X Windows: XRECORD Extension

X Windows: XRECORD Extension

The X Windows XRECORD Extension allows for a free framework to observe and record graphical activities of an X Windows client program running on an X Server. The XRecord extension may have been released with X11 release 6.1, although documentation was released from with X11 release 6.4. The extenions may be leveraged for security purposes (i.e. auditing), careful watching of an X Server for smoother remote frame buffer implementations, or even for automating testing procedures.

[html | pdf] --- XRecord Extension Library - Version 1.13 - X Consortium Standard - X Version 11, Release 6.4 - Copyright © 1994 Network Computing Devices, Inc - Copyright © 1995 X Consortium

Example Uses:
[html | pdf] --- Version 0.7.2beta of x11vnc - The X RECORD extension is used to detect some scrolls.

[html | pdf] --- PyKeylogger is a free open source keylogger written in the python

[html | pdf] --- Xnee is a suite of programs that can record, replay and distribute user actions under the X11 environment. Think of it as a robot that can imitate the job you just did.

[html | pdf] --- AutoKey is a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11. It allows you to manage collection of scripts, and assign abbreviations and hotkeys to these scripts allowing you to execute them on demand in whatever program you are using.

[html | pdf] --- Issues in Fedora 10

[html | pdf] --- X RECORD extension C Code example.

[html | pdf] --- Record keystrokes via Per module.

[html | pdf] --- Apple MacOSX vnc2swf to record vnc and aqua sessions.

[html | pdf] --- vnc2swf, to record vnc sessions in macromedia shockwave files.

[html | pdf] --- vnc2flv, to record vnc sessions in adobe flash files.

[html | pdf] --- screencasting under Solaris.

[html | pdf] --- How to Create a Flash Demo using Vnc2swf.

[html | pdf] --- Recording your screen in Solaris works right out of the box. All you need to install is vncserver and vnc2swf.

Commercial Uses:
[html | pdf ] --- The Pose technology is used for exactly and totally recording (capture) and later or simultaneous playback of X11 sessions or individual applications, optionally together with audio, video, or arbitrary binary data streams. The recording may be converted to video formats

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