Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Technology: 2012 December Update

SSD prices are low—and they'll get lower. MeRAM posed to supplant NAND flash memory...

IBM Integrates Optics onto Silicon...

Sun/Oracle receives patent 8,316,366 on Transactional Threading on November 2012... this came on the heels of a 2011 paper on formally verifying transactional memory on September 2011.

Silence has been from Sun/Oracle VLSI group on Proximity Communications, research funding is due to expire in 2013, is there a product in the future?

Samsung Spends $3.9bn on iPhone Chip Factory in Texas.

Texas Instruments to cut 517 OPAM Smartphone/Tablet Chip Manufacturing jobs in France.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Hosting Server Retirement Notifications Wanting...

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Willfully Broken: Will Not Recognize .doc or .xls Files

Microsoft Windows 8: Hidden Backup & Clone Feature

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