Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Solaris 10: Using Postgres (Part 2)

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Solaris had long been the operating system for performing managed services in the telecommunication arena. During a time when Oracle priced Solaris out of the market by charging a higher fee for similarly performing hardware than other competitors, Sun Microsystems started bundling Postgres and later purchased MySQL for bundling. Postgres is a simple, easy to enable, royalty free database available for Solaris. This article will discuss using the Solaris 10 bundled Postgres database.

Setting Up Postgres
The first article in this series, Solaris 10: Using Postgres (Part 1), discusses how to enable a reasonable 64 bit Posrgres database bundled with Solaris 10, preparing the first user, as well as running the first command line access.

Creating a Table

[html] Creating a Table
[html] Populating a Database Notes
[html] SQL Copy Data Into or From Table
[html] SQL Insert Into Table Command
[html] DML Inserting Data Into a Table
[html] SQL Update Data in Table
[html] SQL Delete From Table Command
[html] SQL Truncate Data in Table
[html] Insert or Update PG-SQL Expand 38-1
[html] Database Maintenance Through Vacuum

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