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EMC Ionix: Integration Basics (part 4) - Traps

EMC Ionix: Integration Basics (part 4) - Traps

Network Management platforms normally have a variety of modules which interlock together. The different managers often subscribe to information from the underlying managers. The Open Integrations manager (OI) and Service Assurance Manager (SAM) are two such managers. The fields of data available in the OI, which can be subscribed to from the SAM is configurable. The SNMP Trap Manager can be used to feed information into Ionix from other Network Management tools.

In Part 1 of the series, we discussed dmctl and sm_adapter integration points into Ionix. In Part 2, we discussed the reporting of events from the Ionix infrastructure via sm_ems. In Part 3, inserting alerts into the system via sm_ems command was discussed as well as some of the underlying architecture. This article will discuss the use of the SNMP Trap Adapter to integrate alerts into EMC Ionix, formerly known as SMARTS InCharge.

Trap Adapter Instantiation:
The Ionix suite allows for one or more SNMP Trap Adapters to be provisioned onto a single server, depending on the number of network interface cards which are available.

To see how a trap manager is instantiated, the sm_service command is used:
sunsparc/user777$ sm_service show --cmdline TRAP-39
sm_service install --force --unmanaged --startmode=runonce \
'--name=TRAP-39' \
'--env=SM_SITEMOD=/opt/InCharge7/SAM/smarts/local39' \
'--env=SM_WRITEABLE=/opt/InCharge7/SAM/smarts/local39' \
'/opt/InCharge7/SAM/smarts/bin/sm_trapd' \
'--name=TRAP-39' \
'--server=OI-39' \
'--config=icoi' \
'--port=162' \
'--sport=35039' \
'--useif=' \
'--model=sm_actions' \
'--output=TRAP-39.log' \

The "rules" file holds the information required in order to adjust the OI and SAM to differentiate between which SNMP Trap Receiver is sourcing the messages.
sunsparc/user777$ cd /opt/InCharge7/SAM/smarts/local39
ls -al rules/icoi-trapd/trap_mgr_parse.asl
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 50263 Nov 20 02:52 rules/icoi-trapd/trap_mgr_parse.asl
By adjusting the "ics_domain_name" parameter, sources can be differentiated.
sunsparc/user777$ cd /opt/InCharge7/SAM/smarts/local39
grep TRAP-39 rules/icoi-trapd/trap_mgr_parse.asl
ics_domain_name = "TRAP-39"
There are two major files used to configure the trap daemons:
sunsparc/user777$ cd /opt/InCharge7/SAM/smarts/local39
ls -al conf/icoi/trap*conf
-rwxrwxr-x 1 smarts nsm 7933 Nov 19 17:23 conf/icoi/trapd.conf
-rwxrwxr-x 1 smarts nsm 90785 Mar 4 21:06 conf/icoi/trap_mgr.conf
Configuring individual VarBinds ("Variable Bindings") or parameters to the SNMP Trap, can be mapped in the "trap_mgr.conf" file into different fields in the Ionix system.

The "trapd.conf" file will configure the trap daemon, once it is instantiated by "sm_service".

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