Friday, March 18, 2011

Solaris 11 Ecosystem for SysAdmins

Solaris 11 Ecosystem for SysAdmins

On the Sun Blogs, UnixMan posted a short interview with Solaris Engineers and Solaris Architects.
Solaris 11 Express came out in November 2010, with the Solaris 11 release being imminent - it is a vehicle for getting introduced to technologies that are shaping the Solaris ecosystem going forward. There are technologies that constitute the fundamental basis for value-rich stack present in Oracle products, by Oracle as well as by a number of customers *today*. Here is a great video describing the relevance with specific examples to be aware of, particularly how new architecture provides an integrated system and offers simplified administration. Rick Ramsey interviews Markus Flierl, Liane Praza and Dan Price from core Solaris Engineering.

This is a wonderful introduction to Solaris 11!

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