Sunday, January 1, 2012

Apple iPad3: Super Detail - Great and Small

Apple iPad3: Super Detail - Great and Small

Tablet computing was attempted by various hardware, software, and operating system vendors in the past - but never really progressed outside of the realm of industrial equipment. Apple released the first iPad and managed to create a new consumer market, with a simple interface, wrapped in elegant packaging. There are rumors of soon to be released iPads - for simplicity, we will call them iPad3's.

[2011-10-17] - Apple rumored to be manufacturing 1 Million iPad3
[2011-11-17] - Apple reducing orders of iPad2 screens
[2011-11-18] - iPad3 screens increase from 1 to 2 Million; Smaller screen coming
[2011-11-21] - iPad3 production started: 2048x1536 detail; 10 inch and 7.85 inch
[2011-12-29] - Apple iPad2 supply chain orders dropping slightly
[2011-12-29] - Apple iPad3 in January with 2x battery: 14AH vs 6.5AH
[2011-12-29] - Two iPad's to be released in Jan: 9.7 inch and 7.85 inch
[2012-01-06] - Apple iPad3 in March; iPad4 in October? *updated 2012-01-08*
[2012-01-06] - Apple iPad3 rumor true; iPad4 rumor false? *updated 2012-01-08*

Network Management Implications:

With the continued penetration of the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad into the market, customers increasingly desire network management platforms which offer robust HTML front-end interfaces vs Java based front-end interfaces.

Network Management providers should be concentrating and upgrading their customer interaction portals to be compatible with non-Microsoft based personal computers. Apple iPhone and iPad platforms have proved to be no passing fad, but a preferred method of access for consumers and professionals alike.

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