Thursday, January 26, 2012

JavaFX: Still Not Cross-Platform

JavaFX: Still Not Cross-Platform

2011 Update

The FXExperience blog, known to release information about JavaFX updates, blogged an article on May 22, 2011 titled "Is JavaFX 2.0 Cross Platform?"
That the beta is initially a windows-only beta has apparently stirred up a fair amount of concern. Shockingly, some people have even asked whether we ever intend to be cross platform. I can say definitively “Yes, of course!”... We absolutely will be targeting a whole host of different platforms, not even just the big three (Mac, Linux, Windows). The value of the Java platform is in the fact that you can write across multiple operating systems and devices.
2012 Update

A comment appeared on this old blog post:
Jonathan Giles
January 24, 2012 at 3:27 pm

You are aware that as of yesterday there is linux support in the JavaFX 2.1 dev preview release, right:
Right now, JavaFX is far from cross-platform, but it is a new client-side scripting platform, and it is getting better.

Million Dollar Question

The proverbial million dollar question is: WHEN WILL SPARC CLIENTS BE SUPPORTED???

The Network Management Connection

One of the most important aspects of technologies to Network Management frameworks have been rich client front-ends to manage millions of managed devices. Java has been used, Flash has been used, JavaScript on the client has been used, but JavaFX has been locked-out.

It looks like JavaFX will continue to be locked-out of enterprise frameworks, until someone on the JavaFX team decides that UNIX matters for Enterprise Network Management.

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