Friday, January 6, 2012

Java: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Coming!

Java: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Coming!

Variables and structures are normally held in various internal formats on different systems. Normally, this format is incompatible between programming paradigms. JavaScript Object Notation is one such notation, which has found popularity in the transfer of data as lighter-weight mechanism in comparison to XML. Java will soon be including native JSON support.

JSR 353: JavaTM API for JSON Processing
Java Specification Requests 353 was filed and accepted by the Java Community Process Program. It was summarized as:
The Java API for JSON Processing (JSON-P) JSR
will develop a Java API to process (for e.g.
parse, generate, transform and query) JSON.
A more complete description was also included:
JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight
data-interchange format. Many popular web services
use JSON format for invoking and returning the data.
Currently Java applications use different implementation
libraries to produce/consume JSON from the web services.
Hence, there is a need to standardize a Java API for JSON
so that applications that use JSON need not bundle the
implementation libraries but use the API. Applications
will be smaller in size and portable.
Network Management Implications
Many Network Management platforms have been using Java as their back-end engine, in order to stay compatible with the greatest number of data center infrastructures possible. For some mobile platforms, such as the iPad and iPhone, Java based front-ends are not adequately supported. This is driving many vendors to move towards JavaScript based front-ends, requiring other vendors to provide JSON parsing modules. The inclusion of JSON will reduce the reliance upon other JAR files and make JSON a full-fledged peer in the data-interchange arena for Java for Network Management platforms.

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