Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Network: Consuming More Data

The Network: Consuming More Data
With the creation of new devices, usage will normally increase. The creation of the original Apple iPhone saw a rise in data usage previously unknown to telephone carriers. With faster devices hitting the networks, capacity continues to increase with no bounds.

Data Usage:
Data usage on wireless network carriers was measured. The iPhone 3G was used as a base unit of measurement.
iPhone 3G -> iPhone 4 = 1.6x increase
iPhone 3G -> iPad 2 = 2.3x increase
iPhone 3G -> iPhone 4S = 3x increase

Network Speed:
AT&T was generally shown as faster than Verizon.

Network Coverage:
Verizon was generally shown to have wider coverage than AT&T.

Next Generation 4G:
Verizon started rolling out 4G services in December 2010.
AT&T brought 4G to 15 cities by end of 2011.
AT&T expanded 4G to a total of 26 cities in Jan 2012.

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