Monday, December 2, 2013

Android: Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and Malware

[Courtesy: Android Authority]
Sometimes the term "virus" generically, but there are really many kinds of "malware", of which Virus is a specific type. I categorized a few Android malware incidents from 2013 for friends. Please be aware of the "Apps" you buy, what you download, install, and even the web sites you go to.

A Brief 2013 History:
The Android ecosystem is not as "tight" as other ecosystems, such as Apple or Blackberry - as such, it is vulnerable to many more exploits... which may cause you money in bandwidth, future purchases, text messages, etc.

2013-01-09 --- Android users hit by scareware scam

2013-01-13 --- “Bill Shocker” Android malware hits China, infecting 620K smartphone users

2013-01-20 --- New variants of premium rate SMS trojan 'RuFraud' detected in the wild

2013-02-08 --- Researchers spot a fake version of Temple Run on Android's Market

2013-02-27 --- Android drive-by download attack via phishing SMS

2013-03-26 --- First-Known Targeted Malware Attack On Android Phones Steals Contacts And Text Messages

2013-04-01 --- Evidence Mounts That Chinese Government Hackers Spread Android Malware

2013-04-03 --- Android malware: A new avenue for Chinese hackers

2013-04-12 --- Malicious version of Angry Birds Space spotted in the wild

2013-04-18 --- Warning: Fake Instagram app on Android is malware

2013-04-26 --- Warning: Fake Biophilla app on Android is malware

2013-05-02 --- A first: Hacked sites with Android drive-by download malware

2013-05-15 --- Android malware families nearly quadruple from 2011 to 2012

2013-05-21 --- Malware charges users for free Android apps on Google Play

2013-07-09 --- New Android malware infects 100,000 Chinese smartphones

2013-08-13 --- Google messaging service hacked, sends malware to Android users

2013-08-26 --- Android Malware: 44 Percent Of Android Users Vulnerable To Attacks According To U.S. Government

2013-08-27 --- Nearly 7,000 Malicious Android Apps Infest China's Appstores

2013-09-12 --- Email Spam Campaign Spreading Android Malware

2013-10-25 --- New Android Banking Trojan Targeting Korean Users

2013-11-07 --- Another zombie 'bogus app' bug shambles out of Android

2013-11-17 --- New Voicemail Notification - WhatsApp - Malware

2013-12-02 --- Nexus phones carry SMS crash bug vulnerability

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