Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oracle VM Server for SPARC or LDoms 3.2


Virtualization under Solaris comes in different flavor. Logical Domains (LDom's) or Oracle VM for SPARC (OVM for SPARC) enables different OS's to be hosted on newer hardware without expensive electrical partitioning using ASIC's. Oracle has released LDom or OVM for SPARC 3.2.

Oracle Documentation:

[http] Overall Documentation Home
[http] What's New?
[http] 3.2 Release Notes
[http] Supplemental Release Notes
[http] Installation Guide
[http] Administration Guide
[http] Security Guide
[http] Reference Manuals


Oracle Logical Domains or Oracle VM for SPARC composes a very reasonable platform for hosting various Solaris Server instances. Solaris 11 bundles the latest version of OVM Server, simplifying a physical environment and providing additional flexibility to reduce planned downtime on current modern hardware.

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