Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cloud Tab: Update!

The following updates are noted on the Network Management Cloud Tab:

Cloud News
2010-01-26 [HTML] CloudKick Launches Cloud Management
2010-03-31 [HTML] CloudKick Launches Hybrid Cloud Management

2012-04-16 [HTML] RackSpace purchases CloudKick Cloud Management
2012-05-08 [HTML] Microsoft Rebrands Azure Cloud Services
2012-05-09 [HTML] Amazon offers former Azure-like Cloud Services on Amazon Cloud
2012-05-10 [HTML] (OpenStack) HP Opens 50% discounted Public Cloud Beta
2012-05-12 [HTML] (OpenStack) HP Public Cloud Beta Program Ends

Joyent Initiatives
[HTML] Virtual Appliance: MongoDB Smart Machine
[HTML] Virtual Appliance: NodeJS Smart Machine
[HTML] Virtual Appliance: Percona Smart Machine (MySQL Database)
[HTML] Virtual Appliance: Riak Smart Machine (Key-Value Database)
[HTML] Virtual Appliance: StingRay Smart Machine (Riverbed: Load Balancing, Traffic Shaping, SSL Offload)
[HTML] Solution: eCommerce
[HTML] Solution: (PAAS) Platform-as-a-Service
[HTML] Solution: StackMob Mobile Application Platform
[HTML] Solution: On-Line Gaming
[HTML] Solution: Managed Hosting Services
[HTML] Solution: Private Cloud
[HTML] Solution: Professional Services

HP Initiatives
[HTML] CDN - Content Delivery
[HTML] Block Storage
[HTML] Object Storage
[HTML] Cloud Compute
[HTML] RDB - HP Cloud Relational Database for MySQL

Microsoft Initiatives
[HTML] Cloud Services (formerly: Windows Azure Compute)
[HTML] All Services (formerly: Windows Azure Platform - All Services
[HTML] CDN (formerly: Windows Azure CDN)
[HTML] Storage (formerly: Windows Azure Storage)
[HTML] Traffic Manager (formerly: Windows Azure Traffic Manager)
[HTML] Virtual Network (formerly: Windows Azure Virtual Network)
[HTML] Cache (formerly: AppFabric Cache)
[HTML] Service Bus (formerly: AppFabric Service Bus)
[HTML] Access Control (formerly: AppFabric Access Control)
[HTML] SQL Azure (formerly: SQL Azure)
[HTML] SQL Reporting (formerly SQL Azure Reporting Service)

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