Thursday, May 10, 2012

Illumos Tab: Update!

Sun open-sources Solaris to release OpenSolaris during the early days of Solaris 10. Oracle purchased Sun and ceased the flow of updates to OpenSolaris community. OpenSolaris became Solaris 11 Express and later Solaris 11. Various employees did not device to remain with Oracle and left for various other Solaris, GNU, and Linux based communities. A new Open Source code base, based upon OpenSolaris - called Illumos was born. Various distributions have been formed based upon OpenSolaris and Illumos code bases - the latest being OmniOS.

The following update has occurred to the Illumos Resource Tab.

Illumos Based Distributions
[http] OpenIndiana
[http] SmartOS
[http] NexentaStor
[http] StormOS
[http] Illumian
[http] OmniOS

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