Friday, May 11, 2012

HP Network Node Manager 9.10i - WhyUpgrade?

HP Network Node Manager 9.10i - WhyUpgrade?
Reasons to move from NNM 7 to NNM 9i: completely web based, scales even better, bundled virtualization technologies,  and smart plugins for enhanced capabilities. A company called Pepperweed created additional value-add technology referred to as "ePacks". The ePacks provide a fixed price skew which include best practice implementation, including: knowledge pack. The Pepperweed representative indicates that ePacks are designed to get you up and running in under a week

The following video introduces the Pepperweed CTO and allows him to introduce his product with NNM 9i to the general network management community.

[Pepperweed CTO, Alex Ryals, introduced NNMi platform and their product]

Data Sheets and Specification:
See the SNMP Resources Tab on the Network Management blog for more details.

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